Metal and steel are widely used materials in the construction industry and they are without doubt very effective building materials. However, they may not be able to protect the shed or building from the external weather changes i.e the building is highly susceptible to conducting the temperature outside.

Its therefore quite necessary to insulate the metal sheets to act as barriers to the outside temperature hence ensuring a stable and regular inside temperature. That is to say moderating temperatures during very hot seasons and also very cold seasons.

Insulation may also serve other purposes apart from temperature insulation such as protection from mold formation and probably protection from condensation which are high risks to the buildings and sheds.


1)Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation uses a liquid substance which contains isocyanate and polyol i.e foaming agents. The produced foam turns into a solid plastic which is filled with air hence making it very airtight.

The spray insulation is very effective and has its advantages such as ; it saves on a lot of energy costs, it additionally reduces noise and also serves as a sound barrier, it aids in protecting the metallic surface from moisture hence preventing mold growth. In addition, its highly effective as its very airtight hence filling every available space.

2) Batt and Blanket Insulation

Batt and blanket insulation uses mineral wood, fiberglass, plastic fibers and natural fibers to provide insulation to floors, attics and unfinished walls. The materials are quite easy to use as they are just fitted in between joints and beams.

The process is highly effective too and its advantages are that; the materials are fire resistant, they are also quite inexpensive as compared to other types of insulation methods such as use of foam and they are very easy to fit especially when fitting ares with no or very few distractions.

3)Loose-Fill & Blown

This type of insulation uses fiberglass and cellulose which is considered to increase the insulation value. Its used in walls, attics and floors and are very useful in areas that are hard to reach and generally in enclosed walls. The process entails blowing or pouring of the materials using special equipment and is proven to be very effective, though quite expensive.

Its advantageous as it can be used around obstructions, it can also be used in existing finished areas and also in irregular shaped areas.

4)Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid board insulation uses fiberglass, mineral wood, polystyrene and is used in places that require insulation that can withstand and endure high temperatures. Its applied too in areas that have unconditioned spaces and can be used in reproofing flat roofs or even basement walls.The process may require an additional cover such as gypsum board to increase its effectiveness.

Its a highly recommended insulation method for areas of very high temperatures due to is capacity to withstand such high temperatures.


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