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Irish Hand Made Steel Sheds vs Mass-Produced Steel Sheds


Why is buying Irish Hand Made Steel Sheds better than buying mass-produced Steel Sheds?

There are various steel shed suppliers in Ireland and Europe. Every supplier will have a different way they source or manufacture their steel sheds. Most steel shed suppliers mass produce their steel sheds, typically done outside of Ireland. We feel there are many differences when buying an Irish hand made steel shed versus mass-produced steel sheds. There are many benefits to purchasing a handmade steel shed over a mass-produced steel shed. 

Superior Quality 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our steel sheds. We feel our handmade steel sheds are superior to mass-produced sheds. We only source our metal from reputable and quality steel producers in Europe. Once the steel is shipped from Europe, we handmake all of our steel sheds. Our metal fabricators have years of experience and give a high attention to detail. We feel that we provide our steel sheds with more care and detail than mass-produced sheds.

Our steel sheds are highly sought after by many industries such as water parks, ski resorts, universities, corporations, etc. We are a leading provider of steel sheds in Ireland, and we feel it’s down to our hands-on approach to creating our steel sheds.


Quality Steel


When you buy a mass-produced steel shed, you’re not guaranteed quality. They typically go for the cheapest option, so their overall costs are low. Having a low quality means your steel shed may not last long, which could be affected by adverse weather conditions. 

Due to our high-quality steel, our steel sheds are all fully waterproof. They will remain dry no matter the weather conditions. Our steel sheds don’t require any maintenance to keep them waterproof. 

If you buy a mass-produced she with low quality steel, it will likely rust over time. Our top-quality suppliers use galvanised steel and correctly coated materials to ensure your shed will not rust over time. 

Irish Made

All of our steel sheds are built here in Ireland. We are a proud Irish company. We hand make all of our steel sheds. Once you order from our website, we get to work on your personalised steel shed. Our metal fabricators in Ireland will closely look over all our metal to ensure it’s ready to be crafted into your spacious quality steel shed.

Irish Made

Customer Support

We provide a more personable and hands-on approach to customer support. It may not be an easy task if you want to track the progress or find out more details on your mass-produced steel shed. They may not have the details for you. We know every steel shed that’s being sold and where to. As we are hands-on with the steel shed, we can let you know any details. 

Steel Shed Delivery 

When buying an Irish hand made steel shed from Quality Steel Sheds, you get free delivery. Shed companies who get their sheds mass-produced usually charge high for their shed delivery. When you spend thousands on a steel shed, you don’t want to pay out big money for shipping. We deliver our steel sheds all through Ireland and the UK.

Steel Shed Delivery

When sheds are mass-produced, it typically takes months for them to be shipped to your home. This can be due to the large volume of steel sheds being manufactured. The location of where the steel sheds are manufactured can also influence the slow delivery time. They are typically made in Europe and then shipped to Ireland, leaving customers waiting nearly two months. Our steel sheds and garages are manufactured here in Ireland to guarantee a speedy three week delivery time. 

Our Guarantee 

You usually don’t get any great guarantee when you buy off large steel shed companies. With Quality Steel Sheds, all our handmade steel sheds are built to last with a solid 25-year guarantee. Our steel sheds are delivered in flat packs across Ireland. They are delivered right to your kerb. 

We also offer an installation service to our clients in Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Westmeath, Monahan, and Wicklow. We can also do other areas depending on the size of the job. 


How to Keep Your Steel Shed Organised

Keep Your Shed Organised

Tips For Steel Shed Organisation

Buying a steel shed can be a great way to keep your garden and home clutter-free. It is a handy place to store any garden furniture, tools or anything else. The steel shed may start getting cluttered and messy very fast, as you can imagine. Many of us are guilty of not keeping our shed organised, and it can become both a hazard and a nuisance. If you have a shed like this, we have a few organising tips to help bring space and organisation to your steel shed.

Clear The Floor

If your shed is cluttered, it’s likely you can’t walk around it. It can be stressful trying to take out a lawnmower or a bike. You may even have to empty the shed to get at some objects. This is a big red flag. Your shed should have room to breathe, and we will help you get that space it needs. Take time first to clear the floor and be able to walk around the steel shed.

You may be better off emptying the whole shed and starting from scratch.

Get Brushing

Your steel shed could probably do with a sweep if it’s been cluttered for a while. Dirt and dust are probably covering your floor. It should be your priority. There’s no point in organising your shed if it’s full of mud. Get that brush out and if needed, get a mop and a bucket to give it a proper scrub. It won’t take too long, but try to get it as clean as you can as it may be a few years before you give it a deep clean like this. When you have this step complete, you can start focusing on organising your shed.


Brush Floor

Invest in Shelves

We cannot stress this step enough. Investing in shelves is the best thing you can do to keep your steel shed organised. Instead of throwing items or tools on the floor, you can neatly store them on your shelves. You can have specific shelves. So you could have a shelf for gardening, one for tools, one for sports equipment, etc. You can make the most of your vertical space with all these shelves. They are also relatively cheap, so you can shop around for them online or in person.




Of course, shelves are great, but if you have lots of small items, they might fall off or get lost on the shelves. To combat this, you should purchase a few boxes. If you have bird food and seed, you can collect them all and store them in a bird food container. Go to your nearest shop like Dealz and get a bargain on a few plastic containers. Label them all for an extra organisation in your steel shed. You can even store them on the shelves so they don’t occupy space on the steel shed floor.


Plastic Boxes


Purchase a Workbench

This step might not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to organise your space if you plan to do some practical work in your steel shed. It’s great for storing things on and below in the pull out drawers. It’s a great area to carry out some DIY tasks around your house or garden. Workbenches can last you years, so you don’t need to worry about replacing your workbench often.



Tool Hooks

Even when your start organising your shed with shelves and boxes, it can still become cluttered with tools such as shovels, rakes, forks, etc. You might think the best place to store them is in the corner of your steel shed, but it can start getting cluttered very fast. For this reason, we would recommend installing tool hooks around your steel shed. It’s a cheap way to safely and securely store your tools. They will be off the floor and not all bunched together.


Tool Hooks

Label Everything

It’s all well and good organising your steel shed very neatly, but if you can’t remember where you stored a specific tool, it can become a nightmare. You may be searching box to box looking for it. It would help if you labelled everything. If you have containers for tools, label the box and state which tools are there. The same goes for the shelves. Give yourself a good description of what is stored on each shelf.


Clear Out

When re-organising your steel shed, you don’t have to fit in everything that was there before. It may be time to clear out tools or equipment that you don’t need anymore. They’re only taking up space in your steel shed. If the tools are in good condition, consider donating them to your local charity shop or selling them on Facebook Marketplace.


Jar Organisers

Nails, screws and bolts are all necessary very day shed needs. They can get lost easily and end up on the floor where you don’t want them. To keep them all organised, you should install a hanging jar system. For this step, you should use any jar with a screw-top lid. Fill each jar with your small pieces. For example, have one jar for bolts and another for screws. Label after you have filled each jar.


Here at Qualitysteelsheds, we are here to help you with your steel shed need. If you have any queries on our steel sheds, email us on or call us on 021 234 0021.


Transform Your Shed into a Man Cave

Transform Your Shed into a Man Cave

These days a shed is not just a shed. It can be an office, a workshop, somewhere to store garden equipment or even a man cave. Every man has dreamed of owning their own man cave. Coming home from a long day of work and having somewhere to sit back, relax and invite your friends. All men dream about having one. It can be the perfect place to catch up with friends and even watch a footy match and away from the commotion of a pub. Well, here at Qualitysteelsheeds, we are going to tell you how all you men out there can make your very own man cave.

What is a Man Cave?

The original idea behind the man cave is that it’s somewhere for the male members of the family to do what they want in their own space. It could be in a shed, a room or a garden building. Of course, these days, the man cave isn’t just for men, but we will be focusing on the more traditional uses of the man cave. We do all need our own space to unwind and get alone time. It’s also great to enjoy some hobbies with friends away from other family members.


Benefits of a Man Cave Shed

There are many advantages to owning a man cave shed. It’s your own space, just for you and your friends. You can design it and choose what goes in it and what stay’s out. You can stamp your identity on it. Some the benefits include:

  • Space: It is often a challenge when it comes to our hobbies. Having space in your man cave out in the garden gives you the freedom to enjoy your hobbies and personal projects. It’s also somewhere where you can throw a party or have friends.
  • Privacy: We can all do with some privacy and space to ourselves. It can be hard to find solitude in your home when family members are constantly in and out of the house. Man caves are a great way to get some personal space and a place to relax in times of stress.


Types of Man Caves

The best part about man caves is that you can choose whatever you want it for. You can select everything that goes in it, from furniture to amenities. You have complete control over your new personal space. Especially with man caves in the garden, you are away from the house, and you have complete freedom. If you’re not sure what to have in your man cave shed, then we have a few suggestions for you:


  • Private Cinema: You can create your very own private cinema in your man cave shed. This is made possible by purchasing TVs, projectors and screens, which are now as affordable as ever. You should also invest in a decent soundbar system to get the most out of the audio. Other items to buy are some comfy seats to relax in and maybe a fridge to store some cool drinks. It doesn’t just have to be for movies. You can also watch sports here and invite your friends around for all the big games.


Sound System


  • Mini-Bar: We have all dreamt of owning our own bar in a man cave at some point. Why not make it a reality? Invite friends over and style it like it’s your very own bar. Add in some shelving units, a bar counter, some stools, and you’re already on the way to creating your own bar in your man cave shed.




  • Games Room: They are ideal for hosting friends or family who want to up the tempo and play some games. You can add table tennis, pool tables, games consoles and much more. Let your imagination run wild! It is the ultimate man cave space that can keep you entertained for hours without the disruptions you’d have in your home.


Choose a Shed

So you want to make your own man cave? Well, we better start looking at sheds first, right? Before we look at sheds, you need to plan out some details for your man cave. Will it be a place to have your own bar? Is it somewhere to watch tv? or somewhere to go gaming? You should choose one to choose a suitable shed for your desire.

Well, you’ve come to the right place for buying a shed. We have a wide range of steel sheds for you to transform into a man cave. Take a look at our steel garden shed range to get an idea of our sizes. We always recommend purchasing a steel shed over a wooden or plastic shed. Read on here to learn the reasoning behind this.

So at this point, you have chosen your shed, you have found the ideal size and a steel shed that fits your budget. You have planned the focal point behind your man cave and are on your way to achieving your dream.

Keep It Warm

You don’t want your man cave to be cold, so you’ll want to take some steps to keep in that heat. Next, you should look at insulating your steel shed to give it that extra layer of cosiness, especially in those winter months. You don’t even have to do it yourself. You could get a professional to help you with this step.

Adding in some portable heaters to give you an added layer of warmth.


Portable Heater


Electricity & Lighting

Next, you’ll want a power supply and, of course, lighting. You’re going to need plenty of outlets to plug in all your appliances and gadgets, so tell your electrician this in advance. You should contact a professional electrician to help you with this step.


Decorate Your Man Cave

Now you have everything set up, such as lighting, electricity and warmth. Now comes the fun part, the decorating! So if you have decided on the type of man cave, then you’ll know what to purchase. It is totally up to you and your vision of what you do, it’s your space.

Here at Qualitysteelsheds, we are here to help you build your dream man cave shed. If you have any queries, email us on or call us on 021 234 0021.

Buying a Garden Shed With No Gate Access

Buying a Garden Shed With No Gate Access

We often see customers who have previously found it difficult buying a garden shed with no gate access to the garden or any other method of accessing the garden besides entering the home. Some shed manufacturers tend to refuse a shed order because of the lack of a side gate. This is because they cannot place the shed in your garden. It’s a common issue we see and one we don’t have any problems with.

What is the Issue with Having No Side Gate?

Many companies will deliver their sheds in large panels that are quite frankly too large to take through a house. They would need to deliver the shed through a side gate. There would be no other way to install that garden shed in your back garden.

They may deliver the larger style sheds in walls. So each wall is prebuilt. It’s just a matter of installation. They are not available flat-packed or in smaller panels. There is no way to get them through any door. This is then the issue that homeowners will face when buying from these shed companies.

The Issue with Bringing Sheds Over Walls

Another way of delivering these sheds may be to lift them over a wall. It’s a risky method of transporting them to a homeowner as they get scratched, and it damages the shed before it’s even installed. There’s also human error. Someone could potentially drop one or break something in your garden. It’s not the best way to deliver a garden shed to your customer.

Terraced houses

Often we hear from those living in terraced houses and how frustrated they are at purchasing a garden shed online. Many homeowners had received their order, but when they told the delivery service they had no side gate, they had to turn the shed delivery away. They are told the package is too large to be brought through the house. It can be annoying to think that these shed companies have not thought about these homeowners.

Buying a Garden Shed With No Gate Access

The Solution

If you faced the issue of having no gate or back garden access, then we have the perfect solution for you. We do not have this issue with our customers. All of our steel sheds come flat-packed, which means you can simply bring them through your house as they will not be tall or large. They typically come in a few boxes and can be transported easy. It’s a great alternative for those with no side entrances. We offer a kerbside delivery and can deliver to your home whenever suits you.

Flat-packed steel sheds typically come in a few boxes. Even people with terraced houses can get our steel sheds with little hassle.

Advantages of Flat-Pack Sheds

There are several benefits that come with flat-pack sheds, not just the ability to get them through your house. They include the following:

  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Instructions to easily install yourself.
  • Affordability

Our Garden Sheds

Our metal sheds are manufactured in Ireland using top quality steel. All our garden sheds come with a 25-year guarantee.

Our metal sheds are delivered flat packed across Ireland, and you’ll find the CAD drawings and instructions included with no hidden extra costs.

At Quality Steel Sheds, we have manufactured and delivered first-class metal sheds for more than 15 years. We are proud of our products and the high level of customer service. Take a look at our garden shed range today.

Delivery Time

We deliver all of our steel sheds within 3 weeks. Yes, that’s right 3 weeks. We manufacture all parts of our steel sheds, which ensure a smooth and fast delivery time in Ireland. We always offer free shipping too.


Still have questions?

If you still have any questions about our flat-packed shed or another query then don’t hesitate to call us. You can call us at 051 347 220 or email us at

Building a Home Office Shed Using a Steel Shed

Building a Home Office Shed Using a Steel Shed

The world has shifted from working in an office to working from home for the last two years. It looks like remote working is the way forward, with employees preferring it. It may be hard for you to work from home if kids are running around or if you don’t have your own space to work in. Many workers loved it, whereas some found it challenging working in a little box room where they also slept. It can be hard to see your place of sleep as a place of work. Some workers set up home offices in their house, but others didn’t have the luxury of a free room to work in. Other workers set up a home office shed. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t have room in their house, and it’s a quiet place away from the house, helping you to focus and stay motivated. We will guide you on how to set up a home office shed using a steel shed.

Steel Shed or Wooden Shed?

Steel SHeds

Many workers will opt for a wooden shed and feel that may suit them the best. We find that wooden sheds are not as strong or secure as steel sheds. They can also get damaged from the weather, and over time they don’t perform as well as steel sheds. If you’re setting up a home office, shed your primary choice should be a steel shed. It offers security, quality, and they’re long-lasting. We even provide a 20-year guarantee on all our steel sheds, so you never have to worry about your steel shed. Our steel sheds are also maintenance-free, meaning you can focus on your work and not on maintaining your new home office shed.

Choosing Your Steel Shed

Choosing Steel Shed

We offer a range of steel sheds which vary in size. It is up to you which shed to pick. Maybe you want a large office space enough for your desk and perhaps a couch to sit on for your breaks. You’ll want a shed with windows which will add a lot of natural light. It’s important to have natural light in your workspace. It’s great not to have lights on all the time. Your eyes may get restless. Well, we have the perfect option for your home office shed. We have carefully designed this stunning Garden Office Shed, the ideal setup for your new home office shed. We offer two different sizes: a 3.1m x 6m or a larger 4m x 6m shed. And it doesn’t end there are four styles to choose from: Olive Green, Cream, Anthracite and Albatross. They are constructed from high-quality materials with UPVC windows and doors. They are fully insulated to have a warm office space and finished in red deal panelling.


The best part about choosing our steel sheds is that if you order today, we guarantee to deliver them in a 3-week timeframe beating the competition as we make our own steel sheds.

Designing The Interior

Home Office Interior

So you now have your gorgeous new home office shed. It’s time to design the interior. Firstly think about what do I need for my home office? Here are a few ideas to kickstart your planning:

  • Computer
  • Desk
  • Cabinets
  • Monitors
  • Office Chair
  • Printer
  • Surge Protector
  • Wifi Extender
  • Lighting

These are the essential items you’ll need for your home office shed. Of course, there are many other items you may want to buy to make your home office yours. You could get some posters, speakers, TV or a range of other products to kit out your new home office fully.

Working From Home Law

Working from home is not set to go away anytime soon. The Irish Government have brought out a new working from home law which gives workers the right to work from home instead of the office permanently or part-time. The employer can deny the request but can only refuse the request citing one of the 13 reasons laid out by the government. With remote working and remote jobs staying for the future, why not invest in a home office shed today?

Advantages of a Home Office Shed

If we haven’t sold you yet on the idea of a home office shed, then wait till you see the list of advantages that come with owning one. People from all industries and jobs are setting up home offices and feeling the benefits of them. They include the following:

  • More space
  • The separation between work and personal life
  • Save money on renting offices
  • No daily commute or travel costs
  • More flexibility
  • Design the office to your needs
  • Quiet space to work in
  • No distractions
  • Save Money


If you want to buy a home office, shed today, visit our website and browse our options. Call us on 051 347 220 or email today if you have any questions!


Steel Shed Storage for Schools and Colleges

School Shed Storage

Is your school or college stuck for storage space? Do you need somewhere to store sports equipment or students bikes? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. We build spacious steel sheds to store any equipment you may have. We offer a range of sizes from small to large. Whatever size shed you need, we have. We offer a three week delivery time if you need to get your shed up and running as soon as possible. Our steel sheds can be used for a range of options for your school or college.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

More and more schools and colleges are putting a bigger investment in sports, leading to a big build-up of equipment. You may have a school gym and a small room where you store it. But have you noticed that it’s getting quite full recently? We have a range of storage options to hold all the sporting equipment you have. Here on our website, we display all our steel sheds. As you will see, we have a long list of choices. Maybe you only need a small shed to store kits, cones and other smaller equipment, then the 3m x 6m option is perfect for you. If you have a lot of equipment and need much more space, then the larger 5m x 12m is ideal. Of course, there are other options on either side or in between these sizes.


Outdoor storage is much better than indoor storage as students will bring mud inside the school, which is far from ideal when you’re trying to keep it clean. Keeping your sports equipment outside is also much easier as you have less to travel with the equipment. You won’t have to lift heavy equipment in and out of the school, which can distract students in classrooms.

School Playground Storage

Our steel sheds give you an easy option to secure your storage for all your outdoor school equipment. It’s a good idea to keep this equipment outside so the students can access them on their breaks and lunches. It is less hassle for teachers when it’s outside, so they don’t have to go in and out to give them their playing equipment.


A steel shed is the best option for your school to store all the bulky play equipment. When purchasing ensure it is large enough to store all the equipment so you can then store all your play equipment in one place.

School Garden Equipment

The outdoors is a great place for students to learn. There are lots of initiatives run by schools to get students in the outdoor learning and growing plants. For example, many primary schools teach their students gardening and need a safe space to store it all. We have the ideal options for you.

Garden Equipment

You will need to keep all this equipment in outside storage, such as a steel shed, so it’s ready for you to use. The equipment can be bulky such as trowels, spades, forks and wheelbarrows. The school is also less likely to be muddy if you store all the equipment outdoors. We have a range of sheds for you to take a look at. One of our smaller options may be a good place to start. It is a 3m x 3m steel shed which could store a smaller amount of equipment.


Bike Storage

Bike Storage

Many schools and colleges have biking docks, but maybe you’re looking for something more secure. Our steel sheds can hold multiple bikes and are easy to access. The number of bikes they can hold will depend on the size of steel shed you purchase. On cold and stormy days, it’s an excellent option for your students to have a safe and secure location to store their bikes or scooters. They are also protected from theft which we have seen happen a few times.

Cleaning Storage

Cleaning Storage

Cleaning has been an essential element in schools and colleges, especially since Covid 19 hit. Keeping rooms, corridors and bathrooms clean is key. Because of this, you might have a lot of cleaning equipment which can also include cleaning machinery. Safely store all this equipment in one of our high quality and maintenance-free steel sheds. If you have lots of cleaning equipment, then we have larger sheds for you to fit them all in, while also being able to walk around the shed. It is vital that you can walk around your shed to avoid any accidents. Accidents often happen when a shed is packed to the brim, and you’re trying to hop from one piece of machinery to the next. With our steel sheds, you will have the space to organise all your cleaning equipment effectively.

Storage for Groundskeepers

Groundskeeper school

Keeping the grounds and sports fields in good shape and ready for matches takes a lot of time for any school or college. You may need a lot of big machinery, including lawnmowers, line-marking equipment, and sprinkler systems that can be expensive for schools or colleges, so having a secure place to store this is essential. Our steel sheds are a great option. They give you lots of space to fit ride-on mowers and other larger equipment. We would advise you not to choose a steel shed with windows as thieves get an opportunity to see what is inside.


If your school or college needs a steel shed, visit our website and browse our options. Call us on 051 347 220 or email today if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you out!

How To Set Up a Home Gym With a Metal Shed

home gym shed

There are a lot of motivated gym users out there who try to squeeze in a gym session whenever they can. It can be expensive to join a gym and keep up that membership, and there’s nothing worse than a packed gym when you arrive. You have a whole programme planned out, but you can’t complete it because there are no weights free or the machine you wanted to use is in use. You would love to have your own space away from everyone where you’re in total control of your gym session.

A home gym may seem like a luxury and something out of your reach. But when you add up the figures, it’s not as much as you think. You will save money over time on your gym membership and other costs. 

Buying a steel shed from us is an excellent way to set up your home gym as you don’t need to convert one of your rooms and lose that vital space in your home. 

The Benefits

When you think of owning your steel shed gym, I’m sure there are lots of benefits you may think of. Here are some of the benefits we see the most:

Customisation: When you set up your steel shed gym, you’re starting from scratch. You can design your gym whatever way you want to, and you can choose to have an extensive sound system or a tv and what machines and weights you will have. 

Noise: Your home gym will be away from your house, so you can put the volume up to full and blast out your favourite workout songs to help you hit new levels. You don’t have to hold back on noise like you would in a regular gym.

Freedom: Having your own gym gives you a sense of freedom. You don’t have to book a slot or have to pick a quiet gym time. You begin your session whenever you want to without any need for travel or planning. Maybe you have a free half-hour between plans, then hit the gym and burn some calories in a high intensity 30 minute period. 

Privacy: When you’re in a gym, no matter how experienced you are, you may feel like people watch you and judge you on your workout. Some people may think that they’re using equipment wrong, doing exercises wrong or look awkward doing exercises. When you have your own gym, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can do whatever you want.

Plan Out Your Ideal Steel Shed Size

You don’t want to be setting up your steel shed and then realise it’s too small or too big for your garden. So, before you order on our site, measure out how much room you’ll need inside the shed to fit in all your machines, weight and other facilities. It would be best if you also made sure that these measurements would work in your garden.

Some equipment you may have in your gym is a treadmill or an exercise bike, along with some free weights. You will also want to leave some free space for somewhere to stretch and do core work. Get measurements of the equipment you have or plan to buy and use those dimensions as a starting point for your layout.

Then when you have an idea of the ideal measurements, take a look through our steel shed listings, and no doubt, we will have the perfect option for you. 

Tips For Your Steel Shed Gym 

The following are some tips for creating your perfect steel shed gym:

Floor Protection

Most people will look at going straight into weight training. When you’re training with weights, you will drop them a lot. Investing in floor protection is a must when training with weights and heavy machines. We recommend using something such as rubber tiles.

There are several options to choose from for floor protection. Rubber flooring is the most popular due to its strength and sturdiness. It is available in both tiles and rolls, and you can place it over carpet and other materials, making it a straightforward process to install. 

Another option is foam. Foam is excellent for floor-based activities such as yoga and pilates, where you will be resting on the floor. It lacks support for heavyweights and can dent over time, so it may not be the best option for you if you plan on using weights. 

Workout Gear

There are many items you may want to purchase for a home gym. The most popular thing people tend to buy first is an exercise bike, and it is a great cardio workout. It doesn’t take up too much space, so there is plenty of room for other items. 

Leaving room for stretches and floor exercises is critical, and buying some exercise mats to do this on is a must for your back and overall comfort.

Next, you may purchase some larger equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine or weights. These machines will take up most of the space in the room. 

Once all your items are purchased, it’s time to customise the space. Add some posters for motivation and set up that gym environment. You may also want to add a TV to watch sports while you’re working out or even just o watch the newest episode of a Netflix series. 


If you want to set up a TV or some stereo system, you’re going to need a power supply into the steel shed gym. To get power, you must run a cable from your home to your gym. It would help if you used a qualified electrician to do this so your gym is as safe as it can be. They should install sockets and a light switch. It’s also essential that all these cables are hidden away not to hazard your workouts.


In the Summer, it will get hot in your steel shed gym, so the least you’ll want to do is to open up a window. Many of our steel sheds come with built-in windows, but if your desired steel gym does not have one, you could purchase a Upvc window from us and install that. This window is double glazed, making it ideal for your workouts in the winter months when it gets colder.

Finishing Touches

To keep your steel shed gym tidy, you may want to invest in some shelves, racks and cabinets to store dumbells, clothes, towels and more. Using storage units will help keep your floor clear of any unnecessary items. It is also great to have the place organised and ready for whatever workout you have planned. 

Just like any gym you’ve been in before, they all have mirrors installed along the weights section. Mirrors are installed in gyms mainly to see if you are in the correct posture when using weights. Without seeing your posture, it’s hard to gauge if you’re doing your exercise right. If you are using improper posture, then you may end up injuring your back. For this reason, if you plan to use weights, we would recommend the installation of a large mirror.

It would be best if you also kept your steel shed gym secure. The majority of our steel sheds feature extra secure door locks keeping your gym and equipment safe. 

Best Options For a Steel Shed Gym

So now you know everything you need to create your dream steel shed gym. It is now time to purchase a steel shed, and we have several options that would be great for setting up a home gym. Our prospects vary from the more oversized steel garages to the smaller steel shed. The following are the best options:

Insulated Garage 

The Insulated Garage is our most premium option offering sizes from 4m x 6m to 5m x 9m. They have both a window and a door, perfect for ventilation and access. They are fully insulated, which will keep you warm in the winter when the temperature drops. These garages are pretty large, so they are a brilliant size for a home gym to fit in many items.  

Steel Garage 

The Steel Garage measures 4m X 6m, an ideal size for a home gym, and is reasonably priced at €4,400. It features a window for ventilation, so there is no need to install a new window. It is fitted with a drip-stop condensation barrier, so there is no need to worry about water damage.   

Steel Shed 3m x 4m

One of the most reasonable options is the Sheel Shed 3m x 4m. This shed is an ideal size for a more miniature garden and those with a lower budget. You are still getting a high-quality steel shed for a lower price. Although you won’t fit in as many workout machines, it will be enough to customise the steel shed to your needs.

We have plenty of other options, too, if these are not the ones for you. Just head over to either our Metal Garage Sheds Page or the Steel Garages Page.


Metal Sheds vs Wooden and Plastic Sheds



Are you looking to add more storage space to your home? Have you considered a shed that can be an excellent option to add much-needed storage space? However, purchasing a new shed can be stressful unless you understand the options available and what best suits your storage needs. There are three different types of shed material-wood, plastic (resin or vinyl) and metal sheds.

In this article, we analyze each type of shed material to help you find the best for your needs.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are the most traditional shed ever built and still going strong 60 years later. A wooden shed can be customized to create a particular size or shape. You can paint the shed any color to match your home and its surrounding.

Most of the wood sheds are made out for spruce or pine, but you can also purchase one made out of Douglas fir or Cedar as well. A wooden shed can easily be dressed up with unique features such as window flower boxes or trellising. The homeowner can also add shelves, cabinets, and hooks from the wall attached to hang garden tools.

A wooden shed is more straightforward and cheap to maintenance as it needs occasional wood treatment and felt roofing replacement every few years.

One of the main shortcomings with a wooden shed is the need for an interior finish with actual walls and ceiling; otherwise, the interior will have an “unfinished” appearance (exposed wood beams). The unfinished woodshed is challenging to clean and can attract unwanted insects.

Although wooden is a versatile material is very vulnerable and can deteriorate the quality if exposed to harsh weather, water, insect, and rodents.

A wooden shed isn’t as secure as metal as it’s relatively easy for intruders to break in through the doors (lever) or break the glass windows and gain entry.

-There is not much maintenance to a wooden shed. The durability and strength of a wooden shed are second to none when adequately maintained. One thing you really should be aware of with this material is that wood does burn. If you are always cognizant of that, then you should be fine.


Plastic Sheds

A plastic shed is the newest type of sheds on the market, and they are sometimes called resin, high-density polyethylene, and vinyl sheds.  Plastic sheds are becoming a popular choice for most homeowners for several reasons:

  • They are comfortable to move, clean, and setting up is very easy, regardless of your skill level. Resistant to insects, rusting and rotting
  • Plastic sheds made of vinyl material are lighter, yet stronger than wooden sheds and hence durable. Some manufacturers are using integrated steel support to make the sheds stronger and durable, while others come with a double-wall resin panel make.

When compared to wood, plastic shed are cheap.

Homeowners considering plastic sheds have to put up with the following cons:

  • Not as visually appealing as wooden sheds,
  • The color will fade over time,
  • Strong winds may cause damage and
  • Customization is complicated and comes with an unattractive playhouse styling.

Also, unlike wooden shed affected by the weather and water, plastic sheds over time are affected by UV in sunlight, which breaks down the polymers in the material which eventually fades cracks and go inelastic.


Metal Sheds

Metal sheds became popular in the 1960s, and they are “all-rounder” compared to wood and plastic sheds. Metal sheds aren’t as attractive as a wooden or plastic shed, are complicated to assemble, but outperform the latter in all other areas.

Metal shed sells quality and durability, although there is a considerable difference in strength and performance between the second end and the premium range.  Cheap metal shed come in thin panels that can corrode quickly compared to high end sheds made of durable, rigid, extremely secure thicker metal.

Metal Shed Pros

  • The most durable model with a long lifespan
  • A low-cost purchase
  • Fire, insect, and rot-resistant.

A metal shed is the best for a homeowner who can afford the initial cost that includes assembling fee. Once assembled, the sheds require no maintenance, are fire-resistant, and outlast other sheds by many years.

If you have expensive gardening tools and machinery, then a metal shade is the clear choice for you; without a doubt, the higher grade metal sheds offer unrivaled security.

As described above, metal sheds gear very few downsides, meanwhile they can take a day to assemble, and the superior quality version calls for a high cost. And they can never achieve the wooden shed look they can blend into the environment.


Steel Shed – The Ergonomic Option for Your Space.

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Steel Shed – The Ergonomic Option for Your Space.

Tired of having so much “stuff,” but no place for it all to go? Whether you’re looking to store household equipment, your tools, your garden furniture, or just for a sheltered place for your newly potted seedlings, a steel shed could be the solution.

Not just useful in a domestic setting, the steel shed can also prove useful for businesses –  providing much-needed storage for building materials etc.


To Build or Not To Build?

In this case DIY is not a savvy option! Steel shed’s are not designed to be cobbled together from whatever metal you have lying around! Instead, opt for a ready-made solution. Choose your metal garden shed, find a prime spot and simply assemble (don’t worry it’s not rocket science) and install as required. Here’s a few handy hints is you’re considering investing in your very own steel shed:


Why Do I Need a Steel Shed?

Great for personal or business use, the steel shed is a useful storage facility. Useful for all manner of items, the humble steel shed can be used to:

  • House your electric and hand tools and equipment.
  • Store your garden equipment, such as lawn mower etc.
  • Store vehicles such as motorbikes and bicycles.
  • Provide shelter for your precious plants and veggies.
  • Provide a home for chickens or rabbits.


The Benefits of a Galvanised Steel Shed:

There are many sheds on the market, but not all sheds are equal! A galvanized steel shed comes with many benefits:

  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Comes complete with air vents and a handy sliding door.
  • Robust exterior – made from strong metal with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Fire-safe for peace of mind.
  • Easy upkeep – little maintenance required and easy to clean.
  • Stylish designs to choose from.


A Brief Guide to Choosing the Perfect Steel Shed

So, you’re now keen on getting your mitts on your very own steel shed? You aren’t alone! But how can you possibly choose the perfect one for you?


Size Matters

Contrary to popular opinion, in this case size does matter. Choose your shed based upon your needs – are we talking using the shed to store a few tools, or do you want to create a full-blown workshop?


So Does Rigidity!

Steel is the only viable option in terms of material, it’s known for being durable and immensely strong, providing an unyielding framework and stability. The steel sheets used to manufacture the shed should be well-bonded, and should not vibrate.

Galvanised steel is widely considered to be the best in the business in terms of construction, and extra protection can be added in the guise of powder coating. Your ideal shed should be durable, solid and not prone to corrosion.


A Few Little Extras

Provide a stable base for your shed by using a robust lattice framework (finished with wood). Once your shed is standing proud consider adding wall-mounted shelving to store all of your bits and bobs. Think about the best way to store your items e.g. if you store cement you need to keep the bag off the floor to prevent it from becoming damp.


Location, Location, Location

Where are you going to put your brand, spanking new steel shed? If you are building a shed on a domestic property then opt for the traditional place – behind your house or in your garden. The site you choose will need to be flat, placing your shed into a dip or dell could cause water to run down to it, and cause damage. Once you have found the ideal spot prepare the site in advance. Clean the area and remove around 20 inches of soil. Hey presto, you’re ready for assembly and installation day!




I Want One of Those!

Decided a galvanised steel shed could be for you? Steel sheds can be used for a whole host of purposes. Make sure you choose a durable, sturdy shed and select a model that compliments the look of your garden or business.


Top Ten Reasons for Choosing a Metal Garden Shed

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Top Ten Reasons for Choosing a Metal Garden Shed

If you are planning on buying garden shed there is plenty of choice available. In fact, there are so many different options out there you might be feeling like you don’t know where to start. Once you have thought about the size you need and where you plan to put it, the next thing you might want to think about is the material.

When you talk about a garden shed,  people will often think of a typical wooden structure, but that is not the only option. Metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular and here are some of the reasons why:


1. Value for Money

One of the first things that you will notice is that metal sheds come with a considerably lower price tag compared to a wooden shed. If your budget is limited (and whose isn’t) then a metal shed may be more within your price range. This is particularly important if you know that you need a large shed but are having to compromise because of the costs. By opting for the metal version you will probably find that you will get a more spacious shed for the same amount of money.


2. Easier to Assemble

Metal sheds are generally lighter than the timber versions. This means makes them easier to assemble as the pieces can be lifted and manoeuvred with less effort from delivery to putting the final pieces in place. You don’t need to have any special  woodworking skills to put your metal shed together. Most come with all the fitting and fixings you require for assembly as part of the package.


3. Easier to Move

If, after a few years, you decide to rearrange the layout of your garden, you might be glad that you chose a metal shed. Your shed will be lighter than a timber shed of the same size. This means it will be easier to move if you ever find that you need to move it to another location.


4. Hardwearing and Durable

Metal and steel sheds are not prone to dampness or rot, or many of the other issues that can cause serious damage to wooden sheds. As a result they last longer, particularly if you chose one which is made from galvanised steel. You can expect your metal shed to last you 10 -20 years before you need to replace it.


5. Less Need for a Foundation

Most metal sheds do not require foundations to be laid. This can save you preparation time and money. You will need a foundation for a larger shed, but many of these come with a metal base which provides adequate stability for most uses. If you do need additional stability the shed can be attached to a simple concrete foundation. This would generally apply to the larger constructions.


6. Peace of Mind

Because manufacturers have confidence in their durability steel sheds often come with extended warranties and guarantees.  In addition, they have the advantage of being more able to withstand damage from storms, accidents or even vandalism


7. Fireproof

Metal is also more able to withstand fire than either wood or plastic. A shed made mostly from plastic will quickly melt due to the heat of the fire. Wood is of course highly flammable and can even cause the fire to spread..


8. Good ventilation

A garden shed can make an idea workspace as well as a storage space. If you plan to work or spend periods of time in the shed you will need to make sure it is well ventilated. Fortunately, steel sheds come with good ventilation built into the design. This may be in the form of air vents or built-in fans.


9. Easier to Maintain

The galvanised outer layer provides protection to keep the shed in top condition meaning that very little maintenance is required. You can also paint the shed to match your garden décor and add a bit of character. Choose a good quality specialist metal paint for a hard wearing finish that will last.

While a timber shed needs to be repainted every year,  you can expect to repaint your metal shed once every five years and no further external treatment should be needed.


10. More secure

A steel shed offers more security for the important thing you store inside. The doors are usually fitted with reinforced hinges which make it harder for thieves to break in. The level of security varies depending on the shed you chose. If keeping your valuables such as golf clubs is important to you, it is well worth investing in a higher quality shed which will come with thicker and therefore stronger hinges, for greater peace of mind.