Building a Home Office Shed Using a Steel Shed

The world has shifted from working in an office to working from home for the last two years. It looks like remote working is the way forward, with employees preferring it. It may be hard for you to work from home if kids are running around or if you don’t have your own space to work in. Many workers loved it, whereas some found it challenging working in a little box room where they also slept. It can be hard to see your place of sleep as a place of work. Some workers set up home offices in their house, but others didn’t have the luxury of a free room to work in. Other workers set up a home office shed. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t have room in their house, and it’s a quiet place away from the house, helping you to focus and stay motivated. We will guide you on how to set up a home office shed using a steel shed.

Steel Shed or Wooden Shed?

Steel SHeds

Many workers will opt for a wooden shed and feel that may suit them the best. We find that wooden sheds are not as strong or secure as steel sheds. They can also get damaged from the weather, and over time they don’t perform as well as steel sheds. If you’re setting up a home office, shed your primary choice should be a steel shed. It offers security, quality, and they’re long-lasting. We even provide a 20-year guarantee on all our steel sheds, so you never have to worry about your steel shed. Our steel sheds are also maintenance-free, meaning you can focus on your work and not on maintaining your new home office shed.

Choosing Your Steel Shed

Choosing Steel Shed

We offer a range of steel sheds which vary in size. It is up to you which shed to pick. Maybe you want a large office space enough for your desk and perhaps a couch to sit on for your breaks. You’ll want a shed with windows which will add a lot of natural light. It’s important to have natural light in your workspace. It’s great not to have lights on all the time. Your eyes may get restless. Well, we have the perfect option for your home office shed. We have carefully designed this stunning Garden Office Shed, the ideal setup for your new home office shed. We offer two different sizes: a 3.1m x 6m or a larger 4m x 6m shed. And it doesn’t end there are four styles to choose from: Olive Green, Cream, Anthracite and Albatross. They are constructed from high-quality materials with UPVC windows and doors. They are fully insulated to have a warm office space and finished in red deal panelling.


The best part about choosing our steel sheds is that if you order today, we guarantee to deliver them in a 3-week timeframe beating the competition as we make our own steel sheds.

Designing The Interior

Home Office Interior

So you now have your gorgeous new home office shed. It’s time to design the interior. Firstly think about what do I need for my home office? Here are a few ideas to kickstart your planning:

  • Computer
  • Desk
  • Cabinets
  • Monitors
  • Office Chair
  • Printer
  • Surge Protector
  • Wifi Extender
  • Lighting

These are the essential items you’ll need for your home office shed. Of course, there are many other items you may want to buy to make your home office yours. You could get some posters, speakers, TV or a range of other products to kit out your new home office fully.

Working From Home Law

Working from home is not set to go away anytime soon. The Irish Government have brought out a new working from home law which gives workers the right to work from home instead of the office permanently or part-time. The employer can deny the request but can only refuse the request citing one of the 13 reasons laid out by the government. With remote working and remote jobs staying for the future, why not invest in a home office shed today?

Advantages of a Home Office Shed

If we haven’t sold you yet on the idea of a home office shed, then wait till you see the list of advantages that come with owning one. People from all industries and jobs are setting up home offices and feeling the benefits of them. They include the following:

  • More space
  • The separation between work and personal life
  • Save money on renting offices
  • No daily commute or travel costs
  • More flexibility
  • Design the office to your needs
  • Quiet space to work in
  • No distractions
  • Save Money


If you want to buy a home office, shed today, visit our website and browse our options. Call us on 051 347 220 or email today if you have any questions!