Buying a Garden Shed With No Gate Access

We often see customers who have previously found it difficult buying a garden shed with no gate access to the garden or any other method of accessing the garden besides entering the home. Some shed manufacturers tend to refuse a shed order because of the lack of a side gate. This is because they cannot place the shed in your garden. It’s a common issue we see and one we don’t have any problems with.

What is the Issue with Having No Side Gate?

Many companies will deliver their sheds in large panels that are quite frankly too large to take through a house. They would need to deliver the shed through a side gate. There would be no other way to install that garden shed in your back garden.

They may deliver the larger style sheds in walls. So each wall is prebuilt. It’s just a matter of installation. They are not available flat-packed or in smaller panels. There is no way to get them through any door. This is then the issue that homeowners will face when buying from these shed companies.

The Issue with Bringing Sheds Over Walls

Another way of delivering these sheds may be to lift them over a wall. It’s a risky method of transporting them to a homeowner as they get scratched, and it damages the shed before it’s even installed. There’s also human error. Someone could potentially drop one or break something in your garden. It’s not the best way to deliver a garden shed to your customer.

Terraced houses

Often we hear from those living in terraced houses and how frustrated they are at purchasing a garden shed online. Many homeowners had received their order, but when they told the delivery service they had no side gate, they had to turn the shed delivery away. They are told the package is too large to be brought through the house. It can be annoying to think that these shed companies have not thought about these homeowners.

Buying a Garden Shed With No Gate Access

The Solution

If you faced the issue of having no gate or back garden access, then we have the perfect solution for you. We do not have this issue with our customers. All of our steel sheds come flat-packed, which means you can simply bring them through your house as they will not be tall or large. They typically come in a few boxes and can be transported easy. It’s a great alternative for those with no side entrances. We offer a kerbside delivery and can deliver to your home whenever suits you.

Flat-packed steel sheds typically come in a few boxes. Even people with terraced houses can get our steel sheds with little hassle.

Advantages of Flat-Pack Sheds

There are several benefits that come with flat-pack sheds, not just the ability to get them through your house. They include the following:

  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Instructions to easily install yourself.
  • Affordability

Our Garden Sheds

Our metal sheds are manufactured in Ireland using top quality steel. All our garden sheds come with a 25-year guarantee.

Our metal sheds are delivered flat packed across Ireland, and you’ll find the CAD drawings and instructions included with no hidden extra costs.

At Quality Steel Sheds, we have manufactured and delivered first-class metal sheds for more than 15 years. We are proud of our products and the high level of customer service. Take a look at our garden shed range today.

Delivery Time

We deliver all of our steel sheds within 3 weeks. Yes, that’s right 3 weeks. We manufacture all parts of our steel sheds, which ensure a smooth and fast delivery time in Ireland. We always offer free shipping too.


Still have questions?

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