Steel Garden Sheds Dublin

Steel garden sheds are a superb addition to any Dublin home. They’re affordable, sturdy and attractive. They’ll easily complement your surroundings even in a suburban setting such as Swords, Blackrock, etc. Everyone enjoys being out in the garden during those sunny Irish days. But making sure your garden furniture is safe and sound in the blustery winter weather isn’t always easy. That’s why we always recommend one of our high-quality steel garden sheds in Dublin.

Our steel garden sheds Dublin are equipped with sturdy galvanized steel frames. We include reinforcing bars that are specially constructed to make sure your quality garden sheds withstand the worst weather. The roof of our metal garden sheds has a perfect angled pitch to help distribute the weight of heavy snow. Our sheds offer premium storage or a workspace you can use for all types of projects. Don’t worry about security because our sheds have custom-made hinges and high-quality locks that will deter the most determined intruders. When you choose us as your suppliers of steel garden sheds in Dublin you’ll get practical advice and reliable products that look great too.

How we Deliver Steel Garden Sheds Dublin

We solved the problem of expensive deliveries a long time ago. Our sturdy sheds are designed as pre-fabricated metal garden sheds. By delivering them as kits, the cost of manufacture and transportation is reduced. And we share our savings with you by including free delivery throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our Dublin steel garden sheds are transported as flat pack parcels encased in protective wooden trays. They include full instructions and can be easily assembled.

Why Choose our Steel Garden Sheds Dublin?

As our happy customers in Clondalkin and Dun Laoghaire will tell you, they’re the perfect reason why not to buy cheap garden sheds. We make our Quality Steel Sheds in Ireland using only top grade materials. Our dedicated engineers are highly skilled. Our steel garden sheds in Dublin are some of the finest in Ireland and have many fantastic qualities.

Last for Years

Purchase one of our steel garden sheds in Dublin and you might never need to buy another! The quality is outstanding, the longevity amazing. We guarantee our steel sheds in Dublin for a minimum of twenty-five years. Through using high-quality materials and expertise, our steel garden sheds in Dublin offer a great performance year in, year out.


Our steel garden sheds in Dublin benefit from multiple protective layers to prevent corrosion. They include zinc oxide, primers, top coats and a tough paint that’s baked to perfection. It means you’ll never have to think about painting your steel garden sheds in Dublin.

Delivered Free

We have free delivery of our steel garden sheds. We process orders fast and deliver our flat packed steel garden sheds wherever they’re needed in Ireland and beyond. And with our outstanding customer services team at hand, if you have any problems, they’ll be fixed without delay.

Ideal Garden Sheds Dublin

Our customers from throughout Dublin are always thrilled to choose the features that make their metal sheds in Dublin unique. You have the choice of single or double doors with a standard or easy slide opening. Our steel garden sheds in Dublin include a range of convenient sizes and a great choice of colours that are easy on the eye. You can even select special finishes such as natural woodgrain.

Essential Components

Our high-quality steel garden sheds in Dublin have headroom of more than 7.5 feet. Even our tallest customers in Dublin County never have to stoop as they would in a wooden or plastic garden shed. We also provide wooden floor supports. But it’s our innovative Drip Stop technology that really makes our customers glad they chose one of our steel garden sheds in Dublin. It’s effective at combatting condensation issues.

Foundations For Your Steel Garden Shed

As your local sheds provider, we suggest installing a suitable foundation base first. This will help when constricting the shed and eliminate issues such as water seepage and misaligned doors. Start off by making a temporary wooden edging that is the same size than your new shed. Fill area up with mixed concrete and ensure it’s level. Then leave it to dry. You can now build your shed.


Are steel sheds better than wood?

Yes! They’re lightweight, but incredibly sturdy. Security is improved through custom hinges and locks.

What is the best base for a metal shed?

Paving slabs, a layer of tarmac or a concrete platform. The most important thing is to make sure it’s completely level.

Are metal sheds worth it?

Metal sheds are cost-effective, easy to assemble and represent good value for money as they last longer than plastic or wood.

What is the best material for an outdoor shed?

Wood needs lots of maintenance to prevent decay. Plastic is lightweight but not as sturdy. Steel sheds combine reliability and longevity, making them a top choice.

Do steel sheds rust?

Carbon steel is prone to corrosion, but if your shed’s galvanized and includes a layered protective coating, it should be resistant to rust.

Do you need a foundation for a metal shed?

It needs a firm base. It could also benefit from a foundation of gravel and sand to help with drainage.

How long do steel sheds last?

A minimum of twenty-five years. With good care, they could last double that.

Do metal sheds suffer with condensation?

Yes, due to the inside being warmer than outside. Good ventilation and other measures can help prevent condensation.

Do I need planning permission for a steel shed?

Not usually, but if in doubt consult your local planning department.

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