Garden Sheds Ireland

Purchasing new garden sheds Ireland is a long-term investment. To get good value for your hard-earned money you should choose our Quality Steel Garden Sheds. Although our Irish summers are mild, the Atlantic storms can be treacherous. So, don’t buy cheap garden sheds of plastic or wood. They easily blow over and suffer water leakage causing your power tools, gardening equipment and bicycles to corrode. 

Our Quality Steel Garden Sheds Ireland are tough enough to withstand the worst wind, and rain. We manufacture our own Irish garden sheds from the best quality galvanised steel. They include all the essential features you need in a high-quality metal shed such as forged hinges and a rain evacuation system. 

Purchase a quality Irish made garden shed of steel from us and it is guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years. Our metal garden sheds Ireland are sold at cost-effective prices. We include free delivery whether you’re in Co. Cork or Co. Antrim. So why buy cheap sheds of wood or plastic when we’ve got Irish produced reliable and guaranteed metal garden sheds for sale here? Take a look at our large range of colours and sizes.  

Why Choose our Garden Sheds Ireland

When you purchase Quality garden sheds Ireland you’ll be investing in a superior product. Our high-quality metal garden sheds Ireland can enhance your garden while keeping your belongings safe and dry. Our Irish garden sheds are perfect for storing all types of garden and DIY equipment or using as an office or workshop. Here are a few of the reasons why our steel garden sheds Ireland are such good value for money. 

Top Quality

We use high grade steel that’s galvanised to eliminate the danger of rust and provide an even longer life span. Our designers have perfected the construction of our steel garden sheds so that each piece fits together with ease, but stays firmly in place. When you choose one of our premium metal garden sheds, you’ll have the satisfaction of installing a product at your home that’s made entirely in Ireland. 


All of our sheds are layer protected. We take great care to apply primers, reverse washes, top coats and a double layer of zinc oxide before baking on a final layer of paint. The surface is hard and resilient in all weathers including hot summer sun and freezing winter snow. Our sheds are maintenance-free, allowing you to have more time to enjoy your home and garden. 

Twenty-Five Year Guarantee

Our steel garden sheds are made to such a high level of perfection that we give them a twenty-five year guarantee. It means you can invest in one with confidence because it will provide you with trouble-free use for decades. Best quality designs, top grade materials and superb usable storage space make our steel garden sheds Ireland a great investment. 

Flat Pack

The most convenient and cost-effective way to receive your new Irish garden shed is in a self-assembly kit. It’s easier to transport in a specially designed wooden crate that is delivered to your home. Our designers have worked hard to streamline each panel of our Irish made garden sheds to make it easy for you to assemble. Our instructions are written clearly so you can easily follow what to do. 

Free Delivery Nationwide

We deliver garden sheds for free throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. On average, it takes just ten to fifteen days to process your order and find a delivery slot. You’ll be contacted to arrange a time and day so that you have the least inconvenience when waiting for your new steel garden shed. Please check with us on delivery schedule during busy times.


The way our steel garden sheds are so expertly constructed makes them weatherproof even if you live in windswept Galway or West Coast of Ireland. The tough painted exterior can withstand the salty spray from the Atlantic and the steel shed is strong enough to stay firmly in place through any fierce gale.

Small Garden Sheds Ireland

We have garden sheds for sale in a variety of sizes to make sure there’s a design to suit every home. Many customers choose a large garden sheds, but some of our most popular designs are the smallest in our range. They are compact and unobtrusive when placed in suburban gardens. Our small garden shed Ireland collection begins with a 3 x 3 metre steel shed. It is very spacious inside, allowing you to easily store patio chairs, a barbecue and gardening equipment throughout the winter months. The next size measures four by three metres. It’s still nice and compact, but it offers slightly more space. It makes it a good choice if you need extra storage. It’s also the type of small garden shed Ireland that’s ideal as a mini workshop, utility area or even a retreat where you can relax and read or play darts. Even though our small steel sheds are compact, they still have the same features as the rest of the range including the innovative Drip Stop system. 

Pick Quality Garden Sheds in Ireland

When you choose one of our steel garden sheds your investment will be much more worthwhile than buying cheap garden sheds. The quality of our steel garden sheds Ireland is proven by the special features we have incorporated. The layered outer coating protects your metal shed from rusting in wet weather and saves you the time and expense of painting it. The efficient rainwater evacuation system diverts water along gutters and pipes ensuring your shed is 100% waterproof. Drip Stop helps to prevent condensation, mildew and mould to keep your stored belongings in perfect condition. Our sturdy hinges and locks keep your shed safe and secure. You can even choose different colours and roof panels.


Which is the best garden shed to buy?

Steel garden sheds are a much better investment than wooden or plastic sheds. It’s because they are robust, durable, weatherproof and secure. They’re also more versatile as workshops, games rooms or home offices.

How much does a garden shed cost?

The average cost of a high-quality, reliable steel garden shed is approximately €2,000 to €3,000.

What is the best time of year to buy a shed?

Any time you might need one! But according to market research, garden sheds for sale are best purchased in November, December or January.

Do garden sheds need a base?

Yes, all types of shed need a solid foundation to anchor them. It can be made of concrete or paving slabs. A solid base provides stability and prevents problems such as your shed doors slipping out of alignment.

How much does it cost to lay a concrete slab for a shed?

It costs around €300 to lay a base of concrete that’s about four inches thick.

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