Why is buying Irish Hand Made Steel Sheds better than buying mass-produced Steel Sheds?

There are various steel shed suppliers in Ireland and Europe. Every supplier will have a different way they source or manufacture their steel sheds. Most steel shed suppliers mass produce their steel sheds, typically done outside of Ireland. We feel there are many differences when buying an Irish hand made steel shed versus mass-produced steel sheds. There are many benefits to purchasing a handmade steel shed over a mass-produced steel shed. 

Superior Quality 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our steel sheds. We feel our handmade steel sheds are superior to mass-produced sheds. We only source our metal from reputable and quality steel producers in Europe. Once the steel is shipped from Europe, we handmake all of our steel sheds. Our metal fabricators have years of experience and give a high attention to detail. We feel that we provide our steel sheds with more care and detail than mass-produced sheds.

Our steel sheds are highly sought after by many industries such as water parks, ski resorts, universities, corporations, etc. We are a leading provider of steel sheds in Ireland, and we feel it’s down to our hands-on approach to creating our steel sheds.


Quality Steel


When you buy a mass-produced steel shed, you’re not guaranteed quality. They typically go for the cheapest option, so their overall costs are low. Having a low quality means your steel shed may not last long, which could be affected by adverse weather conditions. 

Due to our high-quality steel, our steel sheds are all fully waterproof. They will remain dry no matter the weather conditions. Our steel sheds don’t require any maintenance to keep them waterproof. 

If you buy a mass-produced she with low quality steel, it will likely rust over time. Our top-quality suppliers use galvanised steel and correctly coated materials to ensure your shed will not rust over time. 

Irish Made

All of our steel sheds are built here in Ireland. We are a proud Irish company. We hand make all of our steel sheds. Once you order from our website, we get to work on your personalised steel shed. Our metal fabricators in Ireland will closely look over all our metal to ensure it’s ready to be crafted into your spacious quality steel shed.

Irish Made

Customer Support

We provide a more personable and hands-on approach to customer support. It may not be an easy task if you want to track the progress or find out more details on your mass-produced steel shed. They may not have the details for you. We know every steel shed that’s being sold and where to. As we are hands-on with the steel shed, we can let you know any details. 

Steel Shed Delivery 

When buying an Irish hand made steel shed from Quality Steel Sheds, you get free delivery. Shed companies who get their sheds mass-produced usually charge high for their shed delivery. When you spend thousands on a steel shed, you don’t want to pay out big money for shipping. We deliver our steel sheds all through Ireland and the UK.

Steel Shed Delivery

When sheds are mass-produced, it typically takes months for them to be shipped to your home. This can be due to the large volume of steel sheds being manufactured. The location of where the steel sheds are manufactured can also influence the slow delivery time. They are typically made in Europe and then shipped to Ireland, leaving customers waiting nearly two months. Our steel sheds and garages are manufactured here in Ireland to guarantee a speedy three week delivery time. 

Our Guarantee 

You usually don’t get any great guarantee when you buy off large steel shed companies. With Quality Steel Sheds, all our handmade steel sheds are built to last with a solid 25-year guarantee. Our steel sheds are delivered in flat packs across Ireland. They are delivered right to your kerb. 

We also offer an installation service to our clients in Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Westmeath, Monahan, and Wicklow. We can also do other areas depending on the size of the job.