Keep Your Shed Organised

Tips For Steel Shed Organisation

Buying a steel shed can be a great way to keep your garden and home clutter-free. It is a handy place to store any garden furniture, tools or anything else. The steel shed may start getting cluttered and messy very fast, as you can imagine. Many of us are guilty of not keeping our shed organised, and it can become both a hazard and a nuisance. If you have a shed like this, we have a few organising tips to help bring space and organisation to your steel shed.

Clear The Floor

If your shed is cluttered, it’s likely you can’t walk around it. It can be stressful trying to take out a lawnmower or a bike. You may even have to empty the shed to get at some objects. This is a big red flag. Your shed should have room to breathe, and we will help you get that space it needs. Take time first to clear the floor and be able to walk around the steel shed.

You may be better off emptying the whole shed and starting from scratch.

Get Brushing

Your steel shed could probably do with a sweep if it’s been cluttered for a while. Dirt and dust are probably covering your floor. It should be your priority. There’s no point in organising your shed if it’s full of mud. Get that brush out and if needed, get a mop and a bucket to give it a proper scrub. It won’t take too long, but try to get it as clean as you can as it may be a few years before you give it a deep clean like this. When you have this step complete, you can start focusing on organising your shed.


Brush Floor

Invest in Shelves

We cannot stress this step enough. Investing in shelves is the best thing you can do to keep your steel shed organised. Instead of throwing items or tools on the floor, you can neatly store them on your shelves. You can have specific shelves. So you could have a shelf for gardening, one for tools, one for sports equipment, etc. You can make the most of your vertical space with all these shelves. They are also relatively cheap, so you can shop around for them online or in person.




Of course, shelves are great, but if you have lots of small items, they might fall off or get lost on the shelves. To combat this, you should purchase a few boxes. If you have bird food and seed, you can collect them all and store them in a bird food container. Go to your nearest shop like Dealz and get a bargain on a few plastic containers. Label them all for an extra organisation in your steel shed. You can even store them on the shelves so they don’t occupy space on the steel shed floor.


Plastic Boxes


Purchase a Workbench

This step might not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to organise your space if you plan to do some practical work in your steel shed. It’s great for storing things on and below in the pull out drawers. It’s a great area to carry out some DIY tasks around your house or garden. Workbenches can last you years, so you don’t need to worry about replacing your workbench often.



Tool Hooks

Even when your start organising your shed with shelves and boxes, it can still become cluttered with tools such as shovels, rakes, forks, etc. You might think the best place to store them is in the corner of your steel shed, but it can start getting cluttered very fast. For this reason, we would recommend installing tool hooks around your steel shed. It’s a cheap way to safely and securely store your tools. They will be off the floor and not all bunched together.


Tool Hooks

Label Everything

It’s all well and good organising your steel shed very neatly, but if you can’t remember where you stored a specific tool, it can become a nightmare. You may be searching box to box looking for it. It would help if you labelled everything. If you have containers for tools, label the box and state which tools are there. The same goes for the shelves. Give yourself a good description of what is stored on each shelf.


Clear Out

When re-organising your steel shed, you don’t have to fit in everything that was there before. It may be time to clear out tools or equipment that you don’t need anymore. They’re only taking up space in your steel shed. If the tools are in good condition, consider donating them to your local charity shop or selling them on Facebook Marketplace.


Jar Organisers

Nails, screws and bolts are all necessary very day shed needs. They can get lost easily and end up on the floor where you don’t want them. To keep them all organised, you should install a hanging jar system. For this step, you should use any jar with a screw-top lid. Fill each jar with your small pieces. For example, have one jar for bolts and another for screws. Label after you have filled each jar.


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