home gym shed

There are a lot of motivated gym users out there who try to squeeze in a gym session whenever they can. It can be expensive to join a gym and keep up that membership, and there’s nothing worse than a packed gym when you arrive. You have a whole programme planned out, but you can’t complete it because there are no weights free or the machine you wanted to use is in use. You would love to have your own space away from everyone where you’re in total control of your gym session.

A home gym may seem like a luxury and something out of your reach. But when you add up the figures, it’s not as much as you think. You will save money over time on your gym membership and other costs. 

Buying a steel shed from us is an excellent way to set up your home gym as you don’t need to convert one of your rooms and lose that vital space in your home. 

The Benefits

When you think of owning your steel shed gym, I’m sure there are lots of benefits you may think of. Here are some of the benefits we see the most:

Customisation: When you set up your steel shed gym, you’re starting from scratch. You can design your gym whatever way you want to, and you can choose to have an extensive sound system or a tv and what machines and weights you will have. 

Noise: Your home gym will be away from your house, so you can put the volume up to full and blast out your favourite workout songs to help you hit new levels. You don’t have to hold back on noise like you would in a regular gym.

Freedom: Having your own gym gives you a sense of freedom. You don’t have to book a slot or have to pick a quiet gym time. You begin your session whenever you want to without any need for travel or planning. Maybe you have a free half-hour between plans, then hit the gym and burn some calories in a high intensity 30 minute period. 

Privacy: When you’re in a gym, no matter how experienced you are, you may feel like people watch you and judge you on your workout. Some people may think that they’re using equipment wrong, doing exercises wrong or look awkward doing exercises. When you have your own gym, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can do whatever you want.

Plan Out Your Ideal Steel Shed Size

You don’t want to be setting up your steel shed and then realise it’s too small or too big for your garden. So, before you order on our site, measure out how much room you’ll need inside the shed to fit in all your machines, weight and other facilities. It would be best if you also made sure that these measurements would work in your garden.

Some equipment you may have in your gym is a treadmill or an exercise bike, along with some free weights. You will also want to leave some free space for somewhere to stretch and do core work. Get measurements of the equipment you have or plan to buy and use those dimensions as a starting point for your layout.

Then when you have an idea of the ideal measurements, take a look through our steel shed listings, and no doubt, we will have the perfect option for you. 

Tips For Your Steel Shed Gym 

The following are some tips for creating your perfect steel shed gym:

Floor Protection

Most people will look at going straight into weight training. When you’re training with weights, you will drop them a lot. Investing in floor protection is a must when training with weights and heavy machines. We recommend using something such as rubber tiles.

There are several options to choose from for floor protection. Rubber flooring is the most popular due to its strength and sturdiness. It is available in both tiles and rolls, and you can place it over carpet and other materials, making it a straightforward process to install. 

Another option is foam. Foam is excellent for floor-based activities such as yoga and pilates, where you will be resting on the floor. It lacks support for heavyweights and can dent over time, so it may not be the best option for you if you plan on using weights. 

Workout Gear

There are many items you may want to purchase for a home gym. The most popular thing people tend to buy first is an exercise bike, and it is a great cardio workout. It doesn’t take up too much space, so there is plenty of room for other items. 

Leaving room for stretches and floor exercises is critical, and buying some exercise mats to do this on is a must for your back and overall comfort.

Next, you may purchase some larger equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine or weights. These machines will take up most of the space in the room. 

Once all your items are purchased, it’s time to customise the space. Add some posters for motivation and set up that gym environment. You may also want to add a TV to watch sports while you’re working out or even just o watch the newest episode of a Netflix series. 


If you want to set up a TV or some stereo system, you’re going to need a power supply into the steel shed gym. To get power, you must run a cable from your home to your gym. It would help if you used a qualified electrician to do this so your gym is as safe as it can be. They should install sockets and a light switch. It’s also essential that all these cables are hidden away not to hazard your workouts.


In the Summer, it will get hot in your steel shed gym, so the least you’ll want to do is to open up a window. Many of our steel sheds come with built-in windows, but if your desired steel gym does not have one, you could purchase a Upvc window from us and install that. This window is double glazed, making it ideal for your workouts in the winter months when it gets colder.

Finishing Touches

To keep your steel shed gym tidy, you may want to invest in some shelves, racks and cabinets to store dumbells, clothes, towels and more. Using storage units will help keep your floor clear of any unnecessary items. It is also great to have the place organised and ready for whatever workout you have planned. 

Just like any gym you’ve been in before, they all have mirrors installed along the weights section. Mirrors are installed in gyms mainly to see if you are in the correct posture when using weights. Without seeing your posture, it’s hard to gauge if you’re doing your exercise right. If you are using improper posture, then you may end up injuring your back. For this reason, if you plan to use weights, we would recommend the installation of a large mirror.

It would be best if you also kept your steel shed gym secure. The majority of our steel sheds feature extra secure door locks keeping your gym and equipment safe. 

Best Options For a Steel Shed Gym

So now you know everything you need to create your dream steel shed gym. It is now time to purchase a steel shed, and we have several options that would be great for setting up a home gym. Our prospects vary from the more oversized steel garages to the smaller steel shed. The following are the best options:

Insulated Garage 

The Insulated Garage is our most premium option offering sizes from 4m x 6m to 5m x 9m. They have both a window and a door, perfect for ventilation and access. They are fully insulated, which will keep you warm in the winter when the temperature drops. These garages are pretty large, so they are a brilliant size for a home gym to fit in many items.  

Steel Garage 

The Steel Garage measures 4m X 6m, an ideal size for a home gym, and is reasonably priced at €4,400. It features a window for ventilation, so there is no need to install a new window. It is fitted with a drip-stop condensation barrier, so there is no need to worry about water damage.   

Steel Shed 3m x 4m

One of the most reasonable options is the Sheel Shed 3m x 4m. This shed is an ideal size for a more miniature garden and those with a lower budget. You are still getting a high-quality steel shed for a lower price. Although you won’t fit in as many workout machines, it will be enough to customise the steel shed to your needs.

We have plenty of other options, too, if these are not the ones for you. Just head over to either our Metal Garage Sheds Page or the Steel Garages Page.