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Steel Shed – The Ergonomic Option for Your Space.

Tired of having so much “stuff,” but no place for it all to go? Whether you’re looking to store household equipment, your tools, your garden furniture, or just for a sheltered place for your newly potted seedlings, a steel shed could be the solution.

Not just useful in a domestic setting, the steel shed can also prove useful for businesses –  providing much-needed storage for building materials etc.


To Build or Not To Build?

In this case DIY is not a savvy option! Steel shed’s are not designed to be cobbled together from whatever metal you have lying around! Instead, opt for a ready-made solution. Choose your metal garden shed, find a prime spot and simply assemble (don’t worry it’s not rocket science) and install as required. Here’s a few handy hints is you’re considering investing in your very own steel shed:


Why Do I Need a Steel Shed?

Great for personal or business use, the steel shed is a useful storage facility. Useful for all manner of items, the humble steel shed can be used to:

  • House your electric and hand tools and equipment.
  • Store your garden equipment, such as lawn mower etc.
  • Store vehicles such as motorbikes and bicycles.
  • Provide shelter for your precious plants and veggies.
  • Provide a home for chickens or rabbits.


The Benefits of a Galvanised Steel Shed:

There are many sheds on the market, but not all sheds are equal! A galvanized steel shed comes with many benefits:

  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Comes complete with air vents and a handy sliding door.
  • Robust exterior – made from strong metal with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Fire-safe for peace of mind.
  • Easy upkeep – little maintenance required and easy to clean.
  • Stylish designs to choose from.


A Brief Guide to Choosing the Perfect Steel Shed

So, you’re now keen on getting your mitts on your very own steel shed? You aren’t alone! But how can you possibly choose the perfect one for you?


Size Matters

Contrary to popular opinion, in this case size does matter. Choose your shed based upon your needs – are we talking using the shed to store a few tools, or do you want to create a full-blown workshop?


So Does Rigidity!

Steel is the only viable option in terms of material, it’s known for being durable and immensely strong, providing an unyielding framework and stability. The steel sheets used to manufacture the shed should be well-bonded, and should not vibrate.

Galvanised steel is widely considered to be the best in the business in terms of construction, and extra protection can be added in the guise of powder coating. Your ideal shed should be durable, solid and not prone to corrosion.


A Few Little Extras

Provide a stable base for your shed by using a robust lattice framework (finished with wood). Once your shed is standing proud consider adding wall-mounted shelving to store all of your bits and bobs. Think about the best way to store your items e.g. if you store cement you need to keep the bag off the floor to prevent it from becoming damp.


Location, Location, Location

Where are you going to put your brand, spanking new steel shed? If you are building a shed on a domestic property then opt for the traditional place – behind your house or in your garden. The site you choose will need to be flat, placing your shed into a dip or dell could cause water to run down to it, and cause damage. Once you have found the ideal spot prepare the site in advance. Clean the area and remove around 20 inches of soil. Hey presto, you’re ready for assembly and installation day!




I Want One of Those!

Decided a galvanised steel shed could be for you? Steel sheds can be used for a whole host of purposes. Make sure you choose a durable, sturdy shed and select a model that compliments the look of your garden or business.