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Metal Sheds Ireland

Our quality metal garden sheds are delivered free of charge across Ireland. They arrive flat packed with all the required fixtures enclosed in the pack. A clear set of assembly instructions are provided along with CAD drawings. Looking for metal sheds Dublin? Our steel garden sheds are delivered to your front door and can be carried by two people to their final location.
We also have locations around the country so if you're looking for metal sheds Cork, we are the supplier to trust. Our steel outbuildings are manufactured in Ireland using the best quality materials. Delivered to the whole of Ireland, the UK and France, there are no hidden extra costs to think about.

Metal Sheds have Multiple Uses

A heavy-duty metal shed can be used in many different ways both at home and for businesses. Produced to look contemporary, they suit most locations.


Tools & Equipment

A metal tool shed is an ideal place to keep all your tools both electrical and manual. Sturdy and strong, expensive equipment is kept dry, protected and secure in a metal shed. With a workbench set up inside, steel sheds also make ideal workshops.


Garden Equipment

Gardeners require a dry place to store lawnmowers, spades, pots, seeds and potting soil. A metal garden shed is the ideal building. Garden furniture, umbrellas and cushions can also be stored to stop them being ruined by the weather.


Bikes & Leisure

To keep bikes, scooters and motorbikes safe, a metal bicycle storage shed is the ideal solution. Difficult to break into and spacious inside, secure metal storage sheds will protect your possessions from theft. Bikes will remain dry in a shed and kept away from damage.



A metal tool shed is ideal for storing hobby equipment of all kinds. Whether you create pottery, jewellery or wooden craft, there isthe space to store all the materials and tools required in a steel shed. Items will be safely out of the way, but close to hand in the garden.

Metal or Wooden Shed?

Garden sheds come in a choice of materials including plastic, wood and metal but which is the best? Wood is a traditional material whereas metal has a modern look with added security.Wood requires retreating with wood stain or paint. Wood can warp, expand and contract with different weather conditions. Metal garden sheds are maintenance-free and don’t alter with changes in the weather. They stand up to rain, winds and storms keeping the contents safe and dry.

Metal sheds Ireland need to be robust and durable as winter weather here is harsh. Galvanised steel frames and a coated steel exterior ensures that these outbuildings last well and continue to look good. Wooden sheds become worn and tired-looking more quickly and are not as robust.

When it comes to backing the product, metal outdoor storage sheds have a 25-year guarantee. With most timber sheds, there is usually only a 2 or 5-year warranty included. Steel is a more stable material to use.

When comparing a wooden or metal shed, consider vermin. Rats, squirrels and mice can chew through timber to get to food or to make a nest inside the shed. Metal storage sheds are less likely to be chewed keeping the contents safe from vermin of all kinds.


Are metal sheds any good?
Steel metal sheds have heavy-duty frames and robust exteriors. They outstrip wood and plastic sheds for durability and security.

What is the best metal shed to buy?
Make sure the metal storage shed you choose is constructed from galvanized steel manufactured in Ireland for the best quality.These sheds have the highest standards and are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Are steel sheds better than wood?
Wood sheds need to be maintained annually and treated with preservatives. Wood warps and shrinks with the weather. Steelssheds, on the other hand, are maintenance-free and do not alter with wet or dry conditions. The steel material lasts longer andremains looking crisp and smart for decades.

How much is a metal shed?
Quality metal sheds are approximately the same price as top-quality wooden buildings. Depending on the size ordered, the price starts at around €2000. Steel sheds don’t need to be replaced for decades; this represents excellent value for money.

Are metal sheds waterproof?
Constructed from the best quality steel, metal garden sheds are fully waterproof. The contents will remain dry and secure no matter what the weather brings. There is no maintenance required to keep them waterproof.

Do I need a concrete slab for a shed?
Metal shed assembly must be carried out onto a level base. This could be a concrete pad, a steel floor frame or a paving slab base. The most important part is that it is totally level before assembling the metal shed.

Do metal sheds rust?
Inferior quality metal garden sheds are liable to rust over time. That is why it is essential to choose a top-quality supplier who usegalvanized steel and correctly coated materials to guarantee the shed will not rust over time.

Is it cheaper to buy a shed or build a shed?
Making a shed from scratch will no doubt save money if you are proficient at DIY however most people would find it difficult and time-consuming to build a shed. Purchasing a flat packed metal shed that has everything included is cost effective and will give you the results you need.

Are metal sheds easy to assemble?
Steel sheds come with CAD drawings and clear instructions. Metal shed installation is straightforward for most people with basic DIY skills. It is necessary to have two people to assist with assembly.

What sheds last the longest?
Steels sheds are guaranteed to last 25 years, and most will last longer than that. The galvanized steel is strong and durable, and with proper use will last for decades. Wooden sheds tend to need replacing between 5 and 10 years depending on the level of maintenance received.

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If you are looking for the best steel storage shed available, contact us today. We have offices in Cork, Dublin and Waterford and serve all of Ireland, the UK and France.