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At Quality Steel Sheds we make a great range of steel garages proven to be extremely durable. You can choose from ten different types. There’s a variety of different widths plus single or double doors with the option of an electric roller for easier access inside.

Every garage has a 25-year guarantee. It shows the confidence we have in our superior quality built steel frames. We have offices in Cork, Waterford and Dublin and we deliver to every county in Ireland free of charge. We also deliver throughout the United Kingdom and France.

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Why Purchase Our Steel Garage from QSS?


Choice of Steel Garages

With our product, you get a custom steel garage. Choose the features you want. We have ten versatile sizes with widths ranging from three to six metres. You can choose lengths from five to twelve metres.
Our garages have options of single or double doors with a side door if needed. Choose one of five elegant colours to blend in with your surroundings. We offer cream, grey, anthracite, green and brown.


Excellent Durability

The quality of our steel garage is outstanding. We supply them with a twenty-five year guarantee. When you invest in our products, you can be sure it's money well spent. They include downpipes and gutters to safely disperse the rain. Our residential steel garages are remarkably tough. They should last for years beyond the guarantee. Our steel garage has eight protective layers including zinc oxide and paint. The protective layer is so effective, your metal garage should not rust. The interior is reliably protected from condensation by Drip Stop Technology.



Our strong metal garages are maintenance-free. You don't need to paint them or apply anti-rust treatments. Our high-quality custom built garages are resistant to insects and vermin. Whatever the weather, it won't blister, peel or corrode. All you need to do is occasionally hose it down to keep it looking its best.


Quality Design

It’s the best quality you can buy. Each garage is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel for the roof, wall panels and frame. We use z390 structural grade steel. At 1.5 mm, the frames have twice the thickness and strength of cheap steel garages. Our reliable steel frame along with a layer of PVC is designed to withstand the extremes of the Irish weather. Atlantic storms, gales of up to 150 km per hour and snow with a weight of 150 kg per square metre will not damage our metal garages.

Multi-Purpose Steel Garages

Our versatile steel garages will protect your car from rain, snow, and piles of autumn leaves. They're secure and lockable, so your car should always be safe. But garages aren't just for keeping your car rust-free and dry.
Flexible and convenient, it can serve many purposes. Our range offers incredible storage capacity. From twenty-four square metres to seventy-two square metres, each steel garage is spacious. Many have room for your lawn mowers, garden equipment, power tools, garden furniture, Christmas decorations or even a converted office space or workshop.

Steel Garages Made in Ireland

Our steel frame garage kit is entirely made in Ireland. It's a streamlined process as everything is done on site. From designing to manufacture, we supervise every stage so we can be sure of our product's superior quality. All steel garages are in the form of a pre-fabricated kit. It's the most economical way to deliver such a large product. It usually takes ten to fifteen days for us to process your order. Your steel garage is then delivered flat packed inside a wooden tray. Our system of flat pack deliveries is easy, convenient, and free of charge within Ireland. A flat pack is the best way to deliver further afield to the United Kingdom and France. If you change your mind, the procedure for returns is simple. You'll need to send the package back to us completely unopened within fourteen days and pay the shipping fee.


How much is a steel garage?
It depends on the quality of the steel garages. Cheap steel garages might cost as little as €500, but they won't be as strong. A top quality steel double garage could cost between €7,000 and €10,000.

How long do steel garages last?
Good quality steel garages are usually guaranteed for twenty-five years. However, robust steel garages can often last almost twice that estimate.

Are metal garages worth it?
A residential steel garage offers plenty of storage space. It can also be used as a workshop. It's cost-effective to buy and is easy to install compared to building a stone structure.

What is the least expensive way to build a garage?
A custom steel garage is even more cost-effective as a pre-fabricated kit. It saves you money on delivery charges and the manufacturer's construction costs.

How much is labour for residential steel garage installation?
It often varies depending on your location. On average you could expect to pay €X – €X per hour for two professional installers.

Can I build my own garage?
You can assemble your own steel frame garage kit. It's relatively quick and easy if it comes with easy to understand instructions and CAD drawings.

Does a garage add value?
Installing steel garages should increase the value of your home. Many potential property buyers look for garage amenities. The longevity of a high-quality custom steel garage makes it a worthwhile addition to your home.

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Purchasing a residential steel garage is a long-term investment. To choose from the best steel garages in Ireland contact Quality Steel Sheds. We're based in Waterford, Cork and Dublin. We carry out regular deliveries in Ireland, the United Kingdom and France.