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We are a well-established Steel Sheds Cork company designing and manufacturing high-quality steel sheds. We offer a superb range of robust metal sheds manufactured from galvanized, structural grade steel for improved strength and resilience. The detailed work of our professional craftsmen is highly regarded amongst our satisfied customers throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and France. 

We produce innovative flat pack designs that are really quick and easy to assemble. You’ll find an outstanding choice of sizes and the flexibility of customisable features, ensuring there’s an attractive metal shed to suit your exact requirements. And as a leading Cork City steel sheds provider, we guarantee our highly durable products for a minimum of twenty-five years and even include free delivery right to your door. 

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Perfect Storage Solutions from Cork Steel Sheds Company

When we design our steel sheds in Cork, we keep the unpredictable Irish weather in mind. Our super strong metal sheds can withstand fierce gales, storms and heavy snowfalls of up to 150 kg/m2. Whatever the weather, you can rely on our steel sheds to maintain stability. 

Every home needs extra storage and our high-quality steel sheds provide a safe and secure space. When you store your family's bikes, garden furniture and barbecue in Douglas or Midleton, you can be rest assured that one of our metal sheds will keep everything perfectly safe and dry. 

In fact, our robust steel sheds in Cork can provide the perfect answer for the most ambitious projects. If you need a home office in Carrigaline, a sewing and crafts room in Glanmire or a carpentry workshop in Bishopstown, you can trust our metal sheds to provide the ideal space. Our precision engineered steel sheds protect  and garden supplies from the worst of the weather in Ballincollig, Bandon and beyond. 

Our Cork steel sheds company designs and manufactures all our products in our North Cork workshop. We'll deliver your pre-fabricated, flat pack metal shed directly to your door. It's the most cost-effective way to purchase a metal shed particularly when it's delivered free of charge. Detailed instructions are supplied, making it easy to assemble. 

Why Choose High-Quality Steel Sheds Cork

Excellent Durability

Our highly skilled, precision engineers use only the finest grade, galvanized steel to produce metal sheds of the highest quality. We include adequate headroom, doors fitted with locks and innovative hinges, and insulated panels that fit accurately to keep out rain and draughts. We also include ventilation to keep condensation at bay. Our products provide excellent service for at least twenty-five years.

Superb Customer Services

We have established trade outlets throughout Ireland and further afield. It means we can supply our steel sheds with speed and efficiency. We manufacture our products ahead of schedule to ensure we always have them in stock. Our experienced customer services team is highly trained and knowledgeable. If you have any questions, our team can provide technical advice and assistance.

Wide Range of Features

We have designed our steel sheds in Cork to tone perfectly with your home and garden. We offer a selection of sizes, colours and special finishes including a woodgrain effect. You have a choice of roof panels including translucent to make use of the natural daylight.

High-Quality Products

As a Cork steel sheds company with an excellent reputation, you can be confident of purchasing a product of outstanding quality. We have always set high standards and often review and refine our techniques. Every metal shed is manufactured to the highest specifications and is supplied with a twenty-five year guarantee.

Convenient and Affordable

Our steel sheds are a cost-effective choice. Even the largest metal shed is available at an affordable price. All our products are flat packed for convenience. And as a finishing touch, we'll deliver any of our metal sheds directly to your home completely free of charge.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

With our steel sheds in Cork, you'll be purchasing a product that's been made with meticulous care. Each pre-fabricated panel is reinforced with a layered technique that includes primer, double oxide layer, wash reverse and finish coats. The colour is baked to make it permanent. The result is a tough, resilient surface that won't blister, warp or crack in the sun. It won't corrode in the rain and it's resistant to insect attack. By making our steel sheds in Cork maintenance-free, you won't ever need to paint or rust-proof.

Your Shed Needs a Solid Base

As your local Cork City steel sheds provider, we strongly recommend making a suitable level base. It will help you assemble the shed correctly and prevent problems such as water seepage and misaligned doors.

Construct a temporary wooden edging that's the same size as your shed. Pour mixed concrete into the space, ensure it's level, then leave it to dry out completely before assembling your shed.

Returns and Refunds

You have up to fourteen days after receiving the shed to send it back. However, you have to arrange and fund the delivery. The shed must be unopened, still in its packaging and accompanied by your receipt. We'll notify you once we've received it. Where appropriate, such as not having used the shed, we'll issue a refund.


As your local Cork City steel sheds provider, we strongly recommend installing a suitable level base. It will help you assemble the shed correctly and prevent problems such as water seepage and misaligned doors.

Are steel sheds better than wood?

Metal sheds have many advantages. They are far less expensive than wooden sheds. Metal sheds offer reliable stability in severe gales, are highly durable and fire-resistant. They're easy to care for as they're virtually maintenance-free.

What is the best base for a metal shed?

A metal shed needs a solid base that slightly extends beyond the finished structure. Larger models work best with concrete or tarmac while small metal sheds are ideally suited to cost-effective paving slabs.

Are metal sheds worth it?

The price of metal sheds is relatively low, providing cost-effective storage. They are generally good value as they provide long-lasting usage with very little maintenance. Reliability is an important factor as they withstand poor weather conditions extremely well.

What is the best material for an outdoor shed?

Steel is usually regarded as the best material for durability and ease of use. Wood can look charming in your garden, but it requires a high amount of maintenance and lasts ten to fifteen years. Plastic sheds are inexpensive, but are prone to warping.

Do steel sheds rust?

Untreated carbon steel is susceptible to rust. However, galvanized steel has a surface coating of zinc which can successfully prevent corrosion for up to fifty years.

you need a foundation for a metal shed?

Preparing the area usually involves excavating a shallow trench, compacting the soil, then adding a layer of gravel at least two inches thick to ensure there is effective drainage beneath the base of concrete or slabs.

How long do steel sheds last?

Metal sheds are incredibly durable compared to other materials, and they are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Superior metal sheds provide reliable storage and have a guarantee of twenty-five years

Do metal sheds suffer with condensation?

They can, but if they're insulated and supplied with adequate ventilation and anti-condensation roofing panels, condensation should be kept to an acceptable low level.

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As a Cork city steel sheds provider, our offices are in Cork, Waterford and Dublin, providing deliveries throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and France. Contact us now to order your high-quality steel shed.