School Shed Storage

Is your school or college stuck for storage space? Do you need somewhere to store sports equipment or students bikes? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. We build spacious steel sheds to store any equipment you may have. We offer a range of sizes from small to large. Whatever size shed you need, we have. We offer a three week delivery time if you need to get your shed up and running as soon as possible. Our steel sheds can be used for a range of options for your school or college.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

More and more schools and colleges are putting a bigger investment in sports, leading to a big build-up of equipment. You may have a school gym and a small room where you store it. But have you noticed that it’s getting quite full recently? We have a range of storage options to hold all the sporting equipment you have. Here on our website, we display all our steel sheds. As you will see, we have a long list of choices. Maybe you only need a small shed to store kits, cones and other smaller equipment, then the 3m x 6m option is perfect for you. If you have a lot of equipment and need much more space, then the larger 5m x 12m is ideal. Of course, there are other options on either side or in between these sizes.


Outdoor storage is much better than indoor storage as students will bring mud inside the school, which is far from ideal when you’re trying to keep it clean. Keeping your sports equipment outside is also much easier as you have less to travel with the equipment. You won’t have to lift heavy equipment in and out of the school, which can distract students in classrooms.

School Playground Storage

Our steel sheds give you an easy option to secure your storage for all your outdoor school equipment. It’s a good idea to keep this equipment outside so the students can access them on their breaks and lunches. It is less hassle for teachers when it’s outside, so they don’t have to go in and out to give them their playing equipment.


A steel shed is the best option for your school to store all the bulky play equipment. When purchasing ensure it is large enough to store all the equipment so you can then store all your play equipment in one place.

School Garden Equipment

The outdoors is a great place for students to learn. There are lots of initiatives run by schools to get students in the outdoor learning and growing plants. For example, many primary schools teach their students gardening and need a safe space to store it all. We have the ideal options for you.

Garden Equipment

You will need to keep all this equipment in outside storage, such as a steel shed, so it’s ready for you to use. The equipment can be bulky such as trowels, spades, forks and wheelbarrows. The school is also less likely to be muddy if you store all the equipment outdoors. We have a range of sheds for you to take a look at. One of our smaller options may be a good place to start. It is a 3m x 3m steel shed which could store a smaller amount of equipment.


Bike Storage

Bike Storage

Many schools and colleges have biking docks, but maybe you’re looking for something more secure. Our steel sheds can hold multiple bikes and are easy to access. The number of bikes they can hold will depend on the size of steel shed you purchase. On cold and stormy days, it’s an excellent option for your students to have a safe and secure location to store their bikes or scooters. They are also protected from theft which we have seen happen a few times.

Cleaning Storage

Cleaning Storage

Cleaning has been an essential element in schools and colleges, especially since Covid 19 hit. Keeping rooms, corridors and bathrooms clean is key. Because of this, you might have a lot of cleaning equipment which can also include cleaning machinery. Safely store all this equipment in one of our high quality and maintenance-free steel sheds. If you have lots of cleaning equipment, then we have larger sheds for you to fit them all in, while also being able to walk around the shed. It is vital that you can walk around your shed to avoid any accidents. Accidents often happen when a shed is packed to the brim, and you’re trying to hop from one piece of machinery to the next. With our steel sheds, you will have the space to organise all your cleaning equipment effectively.

Storage for Groundskeepers

Groundskeeper school

Keeping the grounds and sports fields in good shape and ready for matches takes a lot of time for any school or college. You may need a lot of big machinery, including lawnmowers, line-marking equipment, and sprinkler systems that can be expensive for schools or colleges, so having a secure place to store this is essential. Our steel sheds are a great option. They give you lots of space to fit ride-on mowers and other larger equipment. We would advise you not to choose a steel shed with windows as thieves get an opportunity to see what is inside.


If your school or college needs a steel shed, visit our website and browse our options. Call us on 051 347 220 or email today if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you out!