Transform Your Shed into a Man Cave

These days a shed is not just a shed. It can be an office, a workshop, somewhere to store garden equipment or even a man cave. Every man has dreamed of owning their own man cave. Coming home from a long day of work and having somewhere to sit back, relax and invite your friends. All men dream about having one. It can be the perfect place to catch up with friends and even watch a footy match and away from the commotion of a pub. Well, here at Qualitysteelsheeds, we are going to tell you how all you men out there can make your very own man cave.

What is a Man Cave?

The original idea behind the man cave is that it’s somewhere for the male members of the family to do what they want in their own space. It could be in a shed, a room or a garden building. Of course, these days, the man cave isn’t just for men, but we will be focusing on the more traditional uses of the man cave. We do all need our own space to unwind and get alone time. It’s also great to enjoy some hobbies with friends away from other family members.


Benefits of a Man Cave Shed

There are many advantages to owning a man cave shed. It’s your own space, just for you and your friends. You can design it and choose what goes in it and what stay’s out. You can stamp your identity on it. Some the benefits include:

  • Space: It is often a challenge when it comes to our hobbies. Having space in your man cave out in the garden gives you the freedom to enjoy your hobbies and personal projects. It’s also somewhere where you can throw a party or have friends.
  • Privacy: We can all do with some privacy and space to ourselves. It can be hard to find solitude in your home when family members are constantly in and out of the house. Man caves are a great way to get some personal space and a place to relax in times of stress.


Types of Man Caves

The best part about man caves is that you can choose whatever you want it for. You can select everything that goes in it, from furniture to amenities. You have complete control over your new personal space. Especially with man caves in the garden, you are away from the house, and you have complete freedom. If you’re not sure what to have in your man cave shed, then we have a few suggestions for you:


  • Private Cinema: You can create your very own private cinema in your man cave shed. This is made possible by purchasing TVs, projectors and screens, which are now as affordable as ever. You should also invest in a decent soundbar system to get the most out of the audio. Other items to buy are some comfy seats to relax in and maybe a fridge to store some cool drinks. It doesn’t just have to be for movies. You can also watch sports here and invite your friends around for all the big games.


Sound System


  • Mini-Bar: We have all dreamt of owning our own bar in a man cave at some point. Why not make it a reality? Invite friends over and style it like it’s your very own bar. Add in some shelving units, a bar counter, some stools, and you’re already on the way to creating your own bar in your man cave shed.




  • Games Room: They are ideal for hosting friends or family who want to up the tempo and play some games. You can add table tennis, pool tables, games consoles and much more. Let your imagination run wild! It is the ultimate man cave space that can keep you entertained for hours without the disruptions you’d have in your home.


Choose a Shed

So you want to make your own man cave? Well, we better start looking at sheds first, right? Before we look at sheds, you need to plan out some details for your man cave. Will it be a place to have your own bar? Is it somewhere to watch tv? or somewhere to go gaming? You should choose one to choose a suitable shed for your desire.

Well, you’ve come to the right place for buying a shed. We have a wide range of steel sheds for you to transform into a man cave. Take a look at our steel garden shed range to get an idea of our sizes. We always recommend purchasing a steel shed over a wooden or plastic shed. Read on here to learn the reasoning behind this.

So at this point, you have chosen your shed, you have found the ideal size and a steel shed that fits your budget. You have planned the focal point behind your man cave and are on your way to achieving your dream.

Keep It Warm

You don’t want your man cave to be cold, so you’ll want to take some steps to keep in that heat. Next, you should look at insulating your steel shed to give it that extra layer of cosiness, especially in those winter months. You don’t even have to do it yourself. You could get a professional to help you with this step.

Adding in some portable heaters to give you an added layer of warmth.


Portable Heater


Electricity & Lighting

Next, you’ll want a power supply and, of course, lighting. You’re going to need plenty of outlets to plug in all your appliances and gadgets, so tell your electrician this in advance. You should contact a professional electrician to help you with this step.


Decorate Your Man Cave

Now you have everything set up, such as lighting, electricity and warmth. Now comes the fun part, the decorating! So if you have decided on the type of man cave, then you’ll know what to purchase. It is totally up to you and your vision of what you do, it’s your space.

Here at Qualitysteelsheds, we are here to help you build your dream man cave shed. If you have any queries, email us on or call us on 021 234 0021.